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The real education is that which prepares you for the life. It makes you learn, cultivate and develop the healthy values of life. The education must make you competent enough to cross the obstacles, hardships and hurdles of life. When we talk of education, it is not that we receive within the four walls of classroom but the education for life. It is a journey from converting the human being in to being human. Education not only imparts your knowledge but the wisdom too. Only wisdom takes you ahead in life. Real education develops life skills. One must be able to manage the life efficiently and effectively. It does not mean that there will never be any problems but one will come safely out of that if wisdom applied.
We cannot change the roads of life which may be hard, rough and tough but there are very few people who have the skills to cross such roads too by their intellect. One can explore new paths of life. One can walk on less traveled and untraveled roads too. We at CKMNSS Senior Secondary School are committed to promote quality education which aims at academic excellence character building and personality development of our students. We are always in pursuit of excellence through sustained improvement in all whole hearted efforts of committed and trained staff members.

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CKMNSS Senior Secondary School ensures a holistic approach to education facilitating the total development of personality by providing the right atmosphere for learners to build and enrich their latent talents. We aim at humanitarian education where the child realizes the importance of Social Commitment.

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