Students Code of Conduct

    Shouting, Whistling, Teasing, Showing Disrespect, Enemity towards anyone and telling lies are signs of bad characterand therefore are strictly prohibited.

    Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.

    Paper bits and unwanted things are to be deposited in dust bins only.

    Fans and lights should be put off when students go out of the class.

    Students should keep their text books neat and tidy.

    No student is allowed to bring things like stickers, sweets, toys, cards, CDs, etc. and money more than Rs 50/-unlessfor the payment of the school fee.

    No student is allowed to play either on the ground, classrooms or verandah before the commencement of the Assembly orduring class hours.

    During school hours, including break time (Lunch & Short break) students are strictly prohibited from going out sidethe school campus. Students shall not enter or leave theclass during the class hours without the permission of theteacher.

    Mobile phones and other Electronic Devices of Communi cation are strictly prohibited in the school campus.

    Meet campus standards by grooming yourself with proper dress code.

    All personal belongings of the child - such as bag, water bottle, umbrella etc. should be properly labelled. Train thechild to identify his/her belongings.

    It is obligatory that every student of the school:

    • Obeys the rule of the campus and class room.

    • Attends all classes regularly and on time.

    • Communicates only in the campus language , that is English within the campus.

    • Helps the school staff in maintaining the discipline of the school.

    • Respects school property and infrastructure.

    • Exercises self-discipline and demonstrates courtesy on all occasions.