School Fees

Fee may be paid quarterly at the school office after the monthly payment ofJune.

  1. 1st Quarter - July, August, September (Before 20th July)
  2. 2nd Quarter - October, November, December (Before 20th Oct.)
  3. 3rd Quarter - January, February, March (Before 20th January)

1. All school fees are due in advance. No late payment will be accepted.
        However, if there is any delay due to unforeseen circumstances suchpayments will be accepted along with the late fee.

2. Fee (including Conveyance fee) shall be paid at the schooloffice on the days and time specified below:

  • • Monday - Friday throughout the month without fine.
  • • Time : 9.00 am to 1.30 pm.

3. Students of Grades X and XII should settle all their dues before theissue of Hall Tickets.

4. Fee for the whole year may be paid in lump, if the parent desires so.

5. School fee for the complete year should be paid irrespective of thenumber of days attended. Students who withdraw on any ground inthe middle of the term will have to pay the fee in full for the currentterm.

6. Fee once paid, will not be refunded.

7. Fee card should be produced for making entries at the time of theremittance of fee