The Kindergarten


Morning Assembly is compulsory for all. All students should reach the school before 8.40 a.m.

Punctuality is the key to success. Pupils should be present in the School, before the first bell. Late comers should meet the Principal and their names must be entered in the late coming record.

At the first bell the students shall assemble in the auditorium accompanied by the Class Teachers in the class order. On dispersal the pupils shall move to their class rooms in the same order.

When the teacher enters the class room, all the pupils should stand up and greet him / her and remain standing until they are asked to sit down. All shall remain silent till the teacher comes to the class.

Discourtesy towards teachers or any non-teaching staff will incur severe disciplinary action.

Regular attendance is compulsory. The minimum attendance required by a student to appear for the annual examination is 80%.

Irregular attendance, habitual negligence of school work, obscenity in word or act, or serious misconduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal.

Playing in the class room is strictly prohibited. Any damage done to the school property or that of other students will have to be compensated.

Class rooms should be kept neat and tidy. Writing on the furniture or walls and throwing bits of paper or waste materials on the floor are strictly forbidden.

Pupils may change their allotted seats in the class room only with the permission of the class teacher.

All books must be kept clean and well labelled.

Students are not allowed to go to other class rooms during the interval.

No student will be sent home even in emergency unless an authorised person comes to take him/her. No student should leave the school during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

No ornaments other than earrings/studs are permitted and no complaints regarding loss of ornaments shall be entertained.

CD, Mobile Phone, Pen Drive, etc should not be brought to the school which may lead to severe disciplinary action.

Exemption from attendance on the assessment days and worksheets will be granted only by the Principal.

Students are responsible for their belongings.

Visitors are not allowed during the class hours.

Parents are not allowed to meet teachers during school hours.

Phone calls are not allowed during school hours. According to the nature of the request, permission is granted only by the Principal.

Non-vegetarian food is not allowed in the school campus. Good eating habits like eating with mouth closed and without spilling food should be encouraged at home.

No vehicles other than bicycles are allowed in the campus by the students.

Every student should bring the School Organizer to the class daily without fail. If it is lost, the student will have to buy a new one immediately.

The students and the staff are expected to speak only English in the School Campus and in the School Bus (Except in Malayalam and Hindi Classes).

Changes in the Address or telephone numbers of parents/guardian must be intimated to the school failing which the school will not be responsible for the non-receipt of communication.

For Birthdays students can contribute books to the School Library. Distribution of sweets on any occasion by students is restricted in the campus and schoolbuses.

No child suffering from contagious diseases will be allowed to attend the school.

Cleanliness of a person and clothes is expected from every student. Girls must tie their hair neatly with only black band and Boys must cut their hair short.

Students are to uphold the values imbibed at the School, not only during their school years but also through out their life.