Rules and Regulations


•  The prospectus and registration form are available at the school office.

• The age limit for admission to LKG is 3-3 1/2 years and for Grade 1 is 5-5 1/2 years.

• Parent/Guardian of the candidate to introduce candidate in person during the interview.

• Registration does not guarantee admission which is given at the Management’s discretion.

• Accuracy and promptness in furnishing information and attending the admission procedure are vital.

          The admitted student should produce the following:

                               • Duly filled admission form

                               • Attested copy of birth certificate

                               • TC from the previous school.

                               • Passport size photograph.



• The school has 22 buses plying on selected routes to different parts of the town and nearby regions.

• Children shall seek the school bus facility by registering their names in an Entry Form.

• Parents have to make necessary arrangements regarding the movement of their children from the     scheduled bus stop.

•  Children should be very cautious while ascending and descending the bus.

• Parents should take extra care that private vehicles are regular and punctual in attending to their children.

• Drivers of private vehicles are requested to drop and pick up the children at the specific points in the parking area.

• Vehicles are not expected to enter and exit the campus through the main gate at all times.



• Attendance is obligatory.

• In case the child is absent or late in arriving for the valid reason the parent must inform the school office and also clearly state the reason for absence in the Leave Record of the Organiser.

• Absence on medical grounds may secure exemption.

• Continued absence without leave will render a student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.

• No student will be sent home even in emergency unless an authorized person comes to take him/her home.

• Students are not allowed to go out of the campus during school hours including recess time.