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Principal’s message

In today’s context, the burgeoning popularity of the social platform has stunted fecundity of thought; diminished reading habits, reduced children’s behaviour to mere histrionics. The relevance of ‘Happy Schools’, ‘School without fear; schools ingrained with a sense of social obligation has become more apparent. The school offers its students an opportunity for all round development which encompasses emotional, social and spiritual development. It aims to transform students to be enthusiastic learners and committed workers. To persuade them to elevate their taste, refine their imagination; raise their ideals and most importantly to stir the very depth of their being. We firmly believe in Qui- docet - discit (one who teaches learns). It is our endeavour to ignite and sustain this passion towards learning. An Educational institution can reach heights only if it is scaffolded with prayers and good wishes of all stakeholders.

“Education is a great equaliser”.