The Kindergarten


Any kindergarten should be child friendly, stress free, curious and an adventurous place. A kindergarten
should give children the opportunity to grow, develop through the play way method. It is here that the
basic characteristics are formed.

CKMNSS kindergarten is designed and formulated in such a manner as to give every child the basic life
skills for their whole life.

Music is an integral part of kindergarten education and so is reading. A child’s vocabulary increases
through both these activities. For this we provide them half an hour circle time in the assembly where
they learn lots of rhymes with tune and actions, story with expression and events related to each month
like Independence Day- August, Onam in September etc. are narrated to them.

Activities are conducted in intervals which are educative and informative. For this we are celebrating
different days with color based themes like “BlueDay” in connection with monsoon, “Green Day” –
Planting more trees to save Nature. “Fruit-Salad Day” to know more about different fruits.

In order to create awareness of neighboring places we joined together in taking the children to visit the
Railway Station/Market/Post-Office/Police-Station etc. Other than these we have Montessori Method of
activities, digital room activities and other indoor games. The annual Athletic Meet and Kids Fest are
also wonderful podiums where the tiny tots prove their athletic and creative skills.

The whole atmosphere in our kindergarten bears a child friendly feel starting from the uniform,
classroom, playground and textbooks. The two years a child spends at Kids Park ensures them with
colorful, memorable and vibrant days giving them the basic skills to become a loving, helpful and a smart child.